top ten thursday : summer reading 

The Shoemakers Wife, Adriana Trigani A beautiful piece of historical fiction, this novel follows two star crossed lovers from the hills of Italy across the ocean to immigrant lives in early America.  The characters are so well written readers will develop an attachment to their every trial and tribulation.  Although it is not a completely true story, it is based heavily on the author’s grandparents’ … Continue reading top ten thursday : summer reading 

doggie destinations: cape may, new jersey 

My dogs are my babies and I love to take them everywhere we go.  I’ve learned that traveling with them takes a certain degree of planning, especially since I don’t like to leave them alone during vacations.  Reggie has a heartbreaking yowl that makes neighbors think he’s being tortured or I’m dead inside.  This isn’t even an exaggeration, in North Carolina the hotel manager called … Continue reading doggie destinations: cape may, new jersey