top ten tuesday: eco mania

It has come to my attention that there is way too much trash in the world, and those horror stories of the Earth exploding in a fiery pit of doom might actually come true.  People say if you worry about the environment, you’re a hippie/tree hugger/idealist/bleeding heart.  Uhhh yea, so what? The truth is, we are messing this planet up, and it will affect us … Continue reading top ten tuesday: eco mania

top ten tuesday: boston babe 

With my family originating from around Pittsburgh and Craig’s around Boston, we’ve had a lot of experience exploring both cities.  We’ve also had a lot of experiences not speaking on Sundays until the Patriots/Steelers game is forgotten,  and when the Bruins beat the Penguins in the playoffs a few years ago, we had a week long stand off.  Even so, Boston is a gorgeous city that … Continue reading top ten tuesday: boston babe