top ten tuesday: craft the earth

As I was doing my weekly perusing of craft supplies I realized two things:  one, they are getting more and more expensive by the day, and two, my craft room really is overflowing with stuff I buy but don’t always use.  I’ve found that by shopping in my own house I can repurpose plenty of the shit I already own for pennies.  

Crafting relaxes me in a way like no other.  I love to spend a day in the sun making things and then sitting back and admiring as craig whines that we have too much stuff.  But what he doesn’t know is that I’ve taken the stuff we. already own and beautified it.  Here are my top 10 favorite repurposed crafts.

PS: It’s always a good idea to have on hand 

  • Paint of all color
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cardboard or tarp to lay down
  • Distressing stains (check the wood section of your craft store)Mini Tupperware containers to store any small batches of paint you make
  • A sander and sandpaper 
  • A small electric hand saw
  • Wood glue
  • Screwdrivers
  • A hammer and nails
  • An electric hand drill 
  • S hooks

1. Doors and shutters as hanging furniture

My dad had made all of these doors in my house and I didn’t want them but I also didn’t want to get rid of them.  So I made a barbecue grilling stand with some s hooks and hooks from the container store:

A craft room hanger for my washi tape and ribbon, and a few random buckets using closet organizer hanger hooks and wooden dowels (I actually broke down old coat hangers to get some of the dowels):

And s hooks to hang my necklaces and earrings:

2. Repainted furniture

My mom tricked me into thinking everything in my house was an antique when really only half of the stuff is antiques and most of it is from Goodwill.  But instead of throwing it away I’ve just sanded, painted and added new knobs and designs.  

I knocked out the bottom drawers from these night stands to make pretty accent tables:

I turned this old desk into a bar:

I knocked out some drawers and made shelves out of plywood attached with screws to make this coffee nook:

I sanded and stained this hutch and added new knobs for my family room:

And painted little thing I found around like this laundry washboard, luggage rack and stool.

3. Reuse frames and mirrors

Frames and mirrors are so costly so pick some up and thrift stores and yard sales and slap a coat of paint on.  Then hang to create gallery walls in every room (bonus if you make cute wall art out of magazines or scrap paper).

4. Wood for signs 

I repurposed some of the drawers from the furniture and made a variety of decorations for my house

Road signs from our favorite places

Summer decorations for the porch

5. Old shoeboxes for photo storage 

Cover in scrapbook paper or just use the container as is.

6. Desk caddy from Starbucks container 

I painted one of those little Mocha drink containers and hot glued toilet paper rolls in to keep everything stable.  I also washi taped markers and a ruler to keep the refurbished theme going.

7. Wine bottle bracelet holders and vases 

8. Paint old flowerpots

Make fun fruit flowerpots with some paint and greens!

9. Baking supplies tin 

I painted a Peppridge Farms Milano cookie container and made a label with my Cricut.

10. Reused candle holders for new homemade candles 

All you need is wax, a melter and another pot with water, wicks, scents and dyes (I got a great kit from that’s lasted me many candles).  I save my old holders and just fill it with a new one.

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