top ten thursday : summer reading 

The Shoemakers Wife, Adriana Trigani A beautiful piece of historical fiction, this novel follows two star crossed lovers from the hills of Italy across the ocean to immigrant lives in early America.  The characters are so well written readers will develop an attachment to their every trial and tribulation.  Although it is not a completely true story, it is based heavily on the author’s grandparents’ … Continue reading top ten thursday : summer reading 

top ten tuesday: eco mania

It has come to my attention that there is way too much trash in the world, and those horror stories of the Earth exploding in a fiery pit of doom might actually come true.  People say if you worry about the environment, you’re a hippie/tree hugger/idealist/bleeding heart.  Uhhh yea, so what? The truth is, we are messing this planet up, and it will affect us … Continue reading top ten tuesday: eco mania

gotta cache em all

This blog post requires a little bit of background on my friend Jordan.  We met in college and have maintained a friendship fueled by the weird and unusual over the course of eight years.  In 2011 we tried saving up enough money to attend a 2012 Seminar Camp, aka Drink-the-Kool-Aid-Because-the-World’s-About-To-End Camp.  (Note: We didn’t make it to the seminar, probably because we spent the savings … Continue reading gotta cache em all