toy story: halloween edition

Ever since I decided to start making my costumes, the world of possibilities has seemed endless.  I usually start planning the following year’s ensemble November 1st (or really October 28th if I’m being honest), and then force Craig into some male counterpart that he never wants to be, but does because he loves me.  We’ve been a Tiffany’s box and gemologist (Craig thought he was … Continue reading toy story: halloween edition

eat, drink, eat more and be merry 

My love language is gifts, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating the perfect present for the fabulous people in my life.  This year I wanted to create custom edible (or at least practical) gifts for each of my recipients, and using simple household items I created baskets or kits that were (almost) too pretty to eat. Munchie Basket: (FYI my cricut had a … Continue reading eat, drink, eat more and be merry 

we all scream for halloween 

I love love love Halloween.  It’s the perfect opportunity to make your boyfriend and dogs wear costumes of your choosing so that they coordinate with your own.  I usually start planning my outfit November 1st, and try to top my diy one from the previous year.   I’ve been my spirit animals (a flamingo and a unicorn), celebrities (Ke$ha and Vanna White), and my all time … Continue reading we all scream for halloween 

drinks on me

I recently went to a Barn Market sale where vendors were selling “repurposed furniture,” aka tables and dressers made to look antique.  As I walked around, I noticed the price tags on the larger pieces were hundreds of dollars, and many of them were already sold.  I started to realize that every vendor’s tent looked like my basement (and garage and shed).  My mother the … Continue reading drinks on me

the greatest female wrapper

My love language is gifts.  I love picking out the most perfect present for someone, and I judge my relationships based upon the items purchased for my birthday or Christmas (or graduation, 12/2015…)  Over the past year I’ve been cleaning out my house which is full (and I mean full) of my mom’s possessions from the last 40 years or so.  One of her collections happened … Continue reading the greatest female wrapper