chicks & bunnies 

My friend’s son experienced his first Easter this year, and to keep myself in the running for the title of Favorite Aunt, I threw a small Chicks & Bunnies party with enough food for 20 (it was all eaten btw).  Here’s hoping his childhood will be filled with memories of the best parties at Aunt Erin’s 🙂

Food: A spread of hot and cold sandwiches, salads and soup

Broccoli Cheddar Bunny Bread Bowl

Garden Veggies

Deviled eggs & a cheese plate

Baked ham & swiss sliders, chicken salad croissants, cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches 

Pasta Salad

Banana and chocolate pudding bar

Candy bar

Dirt brownies with strawberry carrots


Pineapple Moscato Punch

Berry Mimosa Bar

Egg Dying:

I hollowed out and hard boiled a bunch of eggs to dye, then set up dyes, crayons and stickers so my guests could create their perfect Fabrege egg.

Fruit eggs:

Paint and tissue paper to create a kitchen egg basket 

Crayons & dye for name eggs 

Cregg’s Sport Collection

Spritz Easter Kit


Baby Easter Basket: Bath toys, books, stuffed animal, baby treats, squeaky toy eggs

Friend Baskets: Wine or whiskey, mini champagne, candle, nail polish or beard oil, take out containers for leftovers and lots of chocolate (the good kind), and jen got a cross baking pan that no one else would ever use

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