we all scream for halloween 

I love love love Halloween.  It’s the perfect opportunity to make your boyfriend and dogs wear costumes of your choosing so that they coordinate with your own.  I usually start planning my outfit November 1st, and try to top my diy one from the previous year. 

 I’ve been my spirit animals (a flamingo and a unicorn), celebrities (Ke$ha and Vanna White), and my all time favorite jewelry (Tiffany’s, of course), so this year I decided on my favorite food– ice cream.

I found a top that I covered in sprinkles made from glitter cardstock, painted brown cross marks on a pair of tan leggings , and finished with tan heels. 

 I saw many pictures of girls with dollops of ice cream on their head, but (sorry not sorry), it looked like a white turd.  So instead I piled my hair in a messy bun, used red glitter hair spray and a green pipe cleaner to top myself off with a cherry.

My new Halloween goal is to incorporate cool makeup into my looks, so I used rainbow highlighter and sprinkles around my cheeks and eyes, and covered my lips in gloss and sprinkles.  Obviously they fell off, but lasted for the pic, and isn’t that all that matters?

Craig, being the easy going boyfriend that he is, went along with my costume as a soda jerk.  Luckily he lives in khakis and white button downs, so we just added a red apron and bow tie, a hat from The Varsity in Atlanta, and a scoop.

Reggie & Max always need to be in on the action, so how could I not make them hot dogs?  I planned on making their costumes, but then I stupidly got a full time job, so I bought their costumes at Target. As you can see they LoVeD it.

Time to start planning for next year!  Or at least figure out how to get a good family costume picture …

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