the greatest female wrapper

My love language is gifts.  I love picking out the most perfect present for someone, and I judge my relationships based upon the items purchased for my birthday or Christmas (or graduation, 12/2015…)  Over the past year I’ve been cleaning out my house which is full (and I mean full) of my mom’s possessions from the last 40 years or so.  One of her collections happened to be gift wrap supplies.  I have vague memories of selling wrapping paper as a fundraiser in elementary school, and my mom could always be counted on to purchase one or ten rolls, along with all the accessories.  Unfortunately, you don’t really use up all that much wrapping paper in a lifetime, especially considering after I turned 18 she just gave me money to go shop and then I had to leave the bags under the tree until Christmas Day.  I decided I needed to organize this inconvenient mess of supplies.  Btw, this is it after I cleaned it out for about an hour.I found an old trunk as I was cleaning out the room I am converting into a craftice © (craft office), and after being inspired by another blog, knew I had the perfect opportunity to organize.  Yes that is Max’s butt in the picture. I used some shelf liner from Walmart to cover the inside of the trunk.   The outside was navy with gold, so I picked a neutral tan pattern to match.  It was a lengthy process, but much easier than painting!  I added a gold tension curtain rod to corral the stockpile of gift bags and tissue paper, so they’re easily accessible and visible.  On the other end I hung my large spoils of ribbon. So I just discovered metallic gold spray paint.  What?!?!  I used it on these plain white baskets, and they turned out perfectly.  I also spray painted magnets, boxes and contemplated painting Max.  So if anyone wants to be an Academy Award for Halloween I gotchu.  I painted some small Command hooks gold as well, and hung the basket on the side of the trunk.  I color coded the curling ribbon (I love things in colored order) and threaded it through the slats of the basket for easy access.  The scissors and tape are hanging on thumbtacks hammered in. Using the same basket/Command hook method, I created a space for bows.  I tried so many different ways to organize them, and the best one was to gently stack them sideways by color.  The smaller ones fit perfectly in the basket, and I used a small plastic storage container underneath to store larger bows.  I didn’t want to use up a lot of my trunk space with bulky rolls of gift wrap, so I utilized some of my awkward closet corner space with some over the door gift wrap organizers (from Amazon).  It fits in the weird space, and is the perfect opportunity for me to show off my glitter wrapping paper. it is, the final project!  My gift wrap station in my pink craft closet.  I die 😲. Oh, and Max was really helpful.  

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