toy story: halloween edition

Ever since I decided to start making my costumes, the world of possibilities has seemed endless.  I usually start planning the following year’s ensemble November 1st (or really October 28th if I’m being honest), and then force Craig into some male counterpart that he never wants to be, but does because he loves me.  We’ve been a Tiffany’s box and gemologist (Craig thought he was Bill Nye, but no), a lawn gnome and a flamingo (again, Craig wanted to be Jack Hanna and again I said no)and an ice cream cone and soda jerk (no complaints about this one surprisingly.)

This year I wanted to be some sort of toy, and my first instinct was Barbie and Ken, but ugh so been there-done that in the costume world.  I stumbled across Studio DIY’s 90s toys costume tutorial and it was immediately clear that I needed to be…​

That’s right, Polly Pocket.  As usual craig picked something that required explanation and/or name tags, so he was transformed into…

He really puts up with my shit.

The whole process was relatively easy, I just needed 

  • cardboard
  • gray and pink spray paint
  • gray and pink ribbon
  • various colors of paint and cardstock 
  • printable Polly Pocket furniture from this girls awesome tutorial 
  • hot glue

First I cut out the shapes on spare cardboard lying in the garage.  I learned a lesson from my Tiffany’s costume that carrying around a prop gets tiresome, so I cut the shapes to be about the width of our body.

I spray painted the rectangle light gray/silver, and the hearts pink.  For the Game Boy, I painted the screen and used my Cricut to cut out shapes for the buttons and a stencil for the logo.  Attach the ribbon and it’s all done!

Obviously mine needed more attention to detail.  First I cut out the Polly Pocket logo on my Cricut on gold cardstock and attached it to the front

Then I went to town with decorating the inside.  I found that amazing tutorial that had pre designed furniture, so I split off “rooms” with washi tape and glued the furniture printed on white cardstock down, then painted on details like plants or pictures.  I painted the bottom half green and added palm trees, a sidewalk and of course a pool with floats!

I wanted it to open easily, so I made hinges to attached the heart tops out of spare cardboard painted pink, then glued the ribbon to the back.  

My friend Steve pointed out that I subconsciously designed a future blog eventA perfect pair 

To complete my look, I ordered a pink dress off Amazon and added some preppy jewelry and a pink headband to become a real life doll for my teeny tiny dollhouse.

I wanted to dress up for work, but I didn’t think my students would even know what a Polly Pocket was, so I went with another 90s toy…

A frog beanie baby (which they also didn’t know what it was)…

I glued two styrofoam balls with black pupils to a headband for the eyes, and crafted a TY tag with my Cricut.  Add a green dress, gloves and shoes, and of course my fly earrings, and I’m ready for a parent teacher conference after a day of costuming.

My dogs also put up with me, and let me make them Chia Pets.  I bought plant garland at Michaels, and cut it up and hot glued it to two old sweaters.  Then I added tan felt on the legs, and forced my dogs to pose for pictures.

What will I craft next year?

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