will you perry me

The minute that Craig and I got engaged I had two thoughts:  ugh, this outfit I’m wearing is so not cute, and omg how many cool blogs I’ll get to create.  Oh yeah, and obviously that I love him.

We wanted to celebrate with our friends, so I threw a low key party inspired by Lauren Conrad’s book Celebrate so everyone could eat, drink and celebrate us almost being married.  Most times for my parties I make elaborate photo booths or force games on people, but for this I just focused on the people who are about to deal with us being insane for the next year, and of course the food.


Meatball & Chain– mini meatballs in different BBQ sauces

Cheesy Love Story Plate:

Down on One Brie, You’re So Gouda to Me, I’d Be Bleu Without You

I Love You Veggie Much

Forbidden Fruit Tray (my Cricut had a meltdown as it usually does before parties and my signage became increasingly sloppy)

When I Dip You Dip We Spinach Dip

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart Scallops


Leaves of Love (Jens only contribution to the party, naming the salad)

Tying the Garlic Knots (ok they’re rolls, garlic knots are hard to find)

Kisses and Ca-Noodle Bar featuring 3 different types of pasta

Bridal Sprouts


I Cannoli Love You chips

Love Is Sharing Your Cake

Aimee’s Raisin Bread Pudding 

Signature Drink:

Rosemary Me Honey Lemonade – I made a rosemary simple syrup (hint: only add about a cup, mine was super rosemary tasting, which is only good if everyone loves rosemary), combined with pink lemonade and encouraged mixing with champagne or vodka and club soda.

I Love You My Beer- kept in coolers outside

I Promise Not to Wine Too Much- I had 2 red, 2 white, and I definitely suggest 198 more bottles of white (I think my friends have a drinking problem)

And a liquor bar because as I mentioned, drinking problems.  (On a smaller table, I included pens to write names on the cups, cookies, wine openers, a cocktail shaker, straws and cups).

Helpful Hints for the Developing Bridezilla:

1) Get Things PreMade

I am definitely guilty of overextending my cooking talents for my parties.  I’m a great cook, but there’s only one of me so making 75 things at once isn’t an option.  I got most of the appetizers pre made from Wegmans, and splurged for pasta catered by our favorite restaurant.  It was delicious and I didn’t have to worry about getting messy, except for transferring the tray to the warmer rack (which were only $6 at a party store!)

2) Get Yourself Ready At a Decent Hour

Every party I find myself doing last minute prep details until people are walking in, leaving me looking like a hot mess.  Since it was MY engagement party I wanted to look cute, so I got ready THEN stressed over last minute details.

3) Have Different Areas for Socializing

Craig built a fire pit so people could be inside or outside, and it worked perfectly to help with crowds by the food.

4) To Go Containers

We had about 25 people, and enough food for 100, so I picked up cheap to go containers at the party store so everyone could take some with them.

5) Clean Up As Much As Possible That Night

After everyone left, I was exhausted but didn’t want to wake up to a mess.  With Craig’s help, we got all the food put away, cleaned up any big messes and only had to deal with a sink full of dishes that soaked overnight so it was a quick job in the morning.

6) Stop the Bridezilla Now

Prior to the party I had a meltdown because my ring hadn’t been sized yet, and there was a water stain on my ceiling.  After the party, I realized how wonderful all our friends are and how lucky I am to have Craig.  Stop sweating the small stuff, it will all be fine 💕

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