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Easter is the hot mess of all the holidays, with bunnies carrying eggs, a menu of ham and chocolate and the constantly changing date (seriously…can it just be in April all the time?!?)  If you aren’t Catholic, or don’t have kids, chances are Easter is just another Sunday.  But for ME, the Holiday Queen, Easter is the perfect opportunity to hard boil a few dozen eggs and break out the pastel glitter!  Here’s how I celebrated this ultra bizarre, but super cute holiday.


High Class Bunny I got these jeweled eggs from Target years ago and usually throw them in a basket, but this year I set them on white plate with a white sequined bunny I found at the dollar store.  I took a white table runner and used a circle stamp with light green fabric paint.

Stained Glass” Window Clings  


  • Construction paper
  • Wax paper
  • Glue/water mix
  • Tissue paper  

Mix glue with a few drops of water, until it is liquidy but still sticky (side note: EWwW).  Cut tissue paper into small squares, shapes and strips.  Lay on wax paper and “paint” down with glue mixture.  Using construction or scrapbook paper, cut out egg shapes of various sizes.  Glue on top of wax paper/tissue paper combo:Let dry overnight.  Cut out eggs leaving a small border and hang in a sunny spot.

Spring Wreath 


  • Grapevine wreath
  • Green floral garland
  • Small fake baby’s breath
  • Clip on butterflies
  • Burlap ribbon

Wrap the floral garland around the wreath tightly, tucking and fluffing along the way.  When the wreath is covered, add pieces of baby’s breath, clip in butterflies and a burlap bow (tutorial here).  Cute, and won’t ever wilt.

Egg Decorating: 

Shaving cream and food dye

From A Thrifty Mom 

Silk tie dyed

From Martha Stewart 

I recommend leaving the tie on for longer than the instructions say for deeper color.

Rubber band 

Sticker Silhouette  


Bunny Butt Pancakes:

Make one large circular and two smaller blob like pancakes.  Bananas and blueberries make the feet and a dollop of whipped cream for a tail.  

Veggie Tray:

Arrange carrots, orange peppers, broccoli and green peppers.

Easter Egg Cheesecakes

I got this recipe from this website, and at first thought no way is this going to work.  But it really did!  Warning: takes time and lots of patience. 

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