erin duhs the holidays

There are two things I love– decorating for the holidays, and theme parties.  Luckily the Christmas season allows ample opportunity for both!  I forced my friends to don ugly sweaters and shove their faces with food, and they happily obliged for the blog.:


I made three dips, crab, cheese and spinach, and put out an assortment of chips, crackers, bread and of course veggie trees to dip.  This 3-compartment mini crock pot Craig’s mom got me last year is the perfect thing to serve hot appetizers and sides!  I also put together some holiday themed snacks, and frozen pizza because really…what is a tacky party without frozen pizza?

Guacamole Grinch
Jolie’s Tomato & Muz-a-dell Wreath
Trees & Crackers (got snacked on before I could photograph, DON’T MY FRIENDS KNOW BETTER?!?!?!!?)
Cheeseball Snowman
Sweets for Santa station, including cookies, my mom’s recipe for fudge, a candy station and of course, Christmas Tree Cakes.
Hot Cocoa Station, with crock pot hot chocolate and toppings, like peppermint, caramels, whipped cream, marshmallows, pirouette cookies and a little Baileys and Frangelico to top it all off.
I set up a liquor bar with mixers, and made a virgin blackberry mojito punch (blackberry juice, club soda, mojito mix, white rum and frozen blackberries) that served as the signature cocktail.

Cookie Decorating Station:  I intended these to be sweaters, but I suck at baking and my dough fell apart, so they’re just cookies.  However, people loved it and decorated all of them, including the cookies I had on another table.

Photo Booth:  I decorated a front room with a scene setter kit from a party store, and put out lots of accessories for cute photos.  Craig and I stole the show in our NFL ensemble
Jolie found herself a black, minimalist sweater
We had this cool high school reunion
And it gave people the opportunity to celebrate this year’s greatest pop culture achievement
img_0169Gaelen left the fate of his sweater in Aimee’s hands…

But no one could outdo Jess’s sweater with detachable ornaments, and she won the coveted Tacky Sweater trophy.

Since so many of my friends have hit milestones this year, I decided to make my guests ornaments to celebrate their big moments.  I literally don’t know how I’ve ever lived without my Cricut.  Ornaments are super easy and affordable to make, and they’re something people will keep for years.

My first sweater party went off without a hitch, and I can’t wait until next year!

Happy Holidays!

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