Political terms im sick of 

Let me just preface this by saying this is not really a political post, but more just a commentary on the dumb AF terms floating around the internet.  My philosophy about parties is to host them, not choose one.  My mom was a rabid Republican with socially liberal views, so I grew up learning to strongly examine and support values on both sides of the political spectrum.  She taught me to watch CNN and then FOX News, to listen to the opponents’ side and acknowledge their viewpoint without being demeaning, and most importantly to never fully believe what the media or any politician tells you about anything.  As I’ve been bombarded by political banter on my social media, I’ve come across some key phrases that are so mind-blowingly stupid I can’t even begin to explain why they grew like wildfire.  So please don’t attack me.  I mean you can if you want, but please don’t use any of these terms.

Make America Great Again, specifically the acronym MAGA:  Yes, I want the country I live in to be great, and fair, and kind, and charitable, and beautiful, and innovative.  But let’s be honest, America has had a pretty fucked up history throughout it’s short years.  Shouldn’t we want to make America better than before?  We always want to learn from the past and fix our mistakes, so let’s acknowledge our problems and promise to do better.  And really, is the acronym necessary?  If you feel that strongly about it please type it out! 

Snowflakes:  Like,stop.  You sound just as stupid calling someone a snowflake as you’re trying to make them look.  Is it an insult?  Snowflakes are kind of beautiful and eventually cause days off school, which is awesome.  Just because people have certain opinions doesn’t mean they’re feeling like a delicate snowflake, mayyyybe they just have an opinion.

Safe spaces:  On the flip side, I’m so tired of the phrase safe space.  The world should just be a safe space.  We should stop hating each other, saying mean things and expecting people to take it, being discriminatory, or getting overly offended because we think someone’s being offensive.  I’m not against the idea of a space safe–I have a sticker on my classroom, ensuring my students that it’s a place for them to express their opinions safely and be respected.  But sometimes legit safe spaces are a leeeeeetle over the top.  I encourage my students to work through examining the problems of the world and propose solutions, not just focus on the blame that we often settle for.  I think that’s what a real safe space should be.

Suck It Up Buttercup: Ugh.  What really gets me is that this is the title of a law.  Yes, people are overly sensitive and reactive, especially in the age of social media.  But this rhyming nonsense was the best you could come up with??  Are public universities with safe space zones REALLY spending THAT much money on play doh rooms that we need a law against it?  If so, we have bigger issues.

Drink the Kool Aid: I’m a Demo-publican. I support giving people a hand up rather than a hand out, and I also believe women should have 100% control over their bodies and choices.  Stop telling me I’m drinking “liberal kool aid” because I oppose Betsy DeVos or think we need some sort of adjustment to our nation’s gun laws.  I don’t listen to the media, especially the liberal media, blindly, so please don’t insult my intelligence with an outdated phrase that really refers to Ken Keasy giving his followers acid (which sounds fucking awesome right now.)

The Cheeto :  When I teach my high schoolers about argument, I tell them that the #1 sign of a weak argument is attacking someone personally.  Obama had a balloon head, George W. had weasel eyes…if the only insult against Donald Trump is his (albeit AWFUL) spray tan and hair, that’s sad.  And while we’re at it, can’t we get a LITTLE more creative than a cheeto?  Like maybe a carrot or something non junk food related?  I dunno, think on it and get back to me.

Climate Change Deniers: Let’s call a spade a spade…no one with a brain in their head truly thinks the massive amount of pollution we cause as humans doesn’t affect the environment.  Instead of saying we’re all crazy for thinking a 65 degree day in the middle of February is a tad bit concerning…that records of ocean levels rising and species going extinct because of lack of habitat and resources are all a giant hoax created by China, just tell the truth for once.  OBVIOUSLY some businesses don’t want environmental regulations because it would be bad for business, aka profits.  And politicians are very supportive of businesses, sometimes for genuine reasons, but also mostly for money.  So instead of saying there’s no real science behind humans’ effects on the Earth, just admit profit is more important to you.

Not My President:  I get it, you don’t like Trump.  But he IS the President.  That’s the beautiful thing about our country–we get to disagree.  When Obama was elected, and probably every president in history, there were a large number of voters who disliked the decision, but still accepted them in their role.  Get involved in your government. Educate yourself about the issues and what you can do.  Stop tweeting.

Pussy Grabs Back:  ok this one is in here because of the word, not the message.  I haaaaate the word pussy, or even words that sound/look like it.  When President Trump described his comments as “locker room talk” I was disappointed he didn’t take the opportunity to say it was inappropriate and he’s more aware of how women might have found that offensive.  And I get how this phrase means “guess what you can’t grab my vagina because that would be wrong”, but can’t we just say that instead? 

Libtard: I teach students with special needs and find the use of the word “retard” as an insult sickening.  My students have more grit, honesty and work ethic than most of the politicians or their supporters I’ve encountered.  I notice that my students rarely insult each other based on race, disability, gender or sexual orientation, but we adults do it frequently and unabashedly.  Conservatives complain that liberals are “retarded” and feel that they’re “special snowflakes” and need to shut up and sit down, even though for 8 years I heard them openly disagree with everything Obama  said and did .  If I called my students, co-workers, bosses or parents “retards”, I would be fired.  If I heard another student calling someone a “retard”, I would ask them to stop because it’s insulting and mean.  Why do we set expectations for our children but don’t follow through as adults?

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