last fling before the ring 

My friend Jill is getting married this October, so we had to give her an amazing send off before she gets her ball and chain.  Jill has an affinity for all things glittery, so we threw an ultimate GNO in Philadelphia that left us all hungover AF, and really, what else can you ask for?  We rented a suite and some extra rooms in a posh hotel in the heart of the city, and were the definition of a huge group of girls.


  • 12 pm – 4 pm: Pool Party with snacks, drinks and shirtless boys
  • 4 pm – 6 pm: Getting beautified
  • 6 pm – 7 pm: Lingerie Party
  • 7 pm – 8 pm: Photo Shoot
  • 8 pm – 10 pm: Dinner and Cocktails
  • 10 pm – ???: Dancing and Drankin at da club



During the lingerie party we needed some snacks to keep everyone sober enough to last for the remainder of the night.  I used my Cricut to make lingerie shaped name plates, and we stuck with the black/pink theme for colors throughout the night.  My main suggestion is to find one central place for the food, like the counter, and keep it all together with plates, napkins and utensils.

Humm-ASS: Different types of hummus with pita chips and pretzels

Wieners and Balls:  BBQ meatballs and cut up hot dogs– apparently they don’t manufacture cocktail wieners anymore!  My secret ingredient is grape jelly in the BBQ sauce.  Even though I recently gave up meat, everyone else seemed to enjoy them!

Just Regular Carrots and Tomatos: nothing sexual about this snack at all 

Bras n Booty: sugar cookies decorated with icing.  Yea they’re a little smushed, so what?

Strawberries and champagne: glittered of course! IMG_0226_resize_edit


What’s a party without some decorations?  Just a get-together, and that’s so boring.  The MOH and I both have Cricuts and type-A personalities, so we went a little crazy making décor for the room.  Being a red-head, Jill doesn’t LOVE pink, but for this party she put up with it 🙂



Photo booth and props:  We used pink and black streamers for the background, and created props with our Cricuts…and of course had to have Willy included!


Lingerie:  We used underwear EVERYWHERE as decoration.  Plus, Jill got to take it all home so it was fun and functional!

IMG_0209_resize_edit IMG_0241_resize_edit


Groom trivia:  Before the party, I emailed Jill’s fiancé a list of 20 questions, like favorite food, color, first date, dream vacation, etc.  Since her mom was there, I kept it PG, but there’s definitely opportunity to embarrass the bride with this game.  For every answer Jill got right, her bachelorettes had to drink.  For every answer she got wrong, she had to drink.  And Jill got 99% of the questions right…who knew Ryan’s favorite food was ice cream?

Panty personality:  We had everyone anonymously give Jill new underwear for her honeymoon/any day of the week.  She had to guess who gave her what, and for each wrong guess had to drink.  Can you tell we were trying to get her drunk?  She was pretty awful at this game, and kept guessing her mom, except for the ones that her mom actually gave her.



Hangover kits:  the sign of a good party is a morning headache.  We filled cute makeup bags with gum, Advil, makeup removers, mouthwash, hair ties and bottled water with a custom label to make everyone’s morning a little easier.  When I woke up the next day, I immediately pulled my hair back, threw up, rinsed with mouthwash, popped an advil, removed my makeup and chewed some gum.  Good as new!


Photo shoot: My friend Steve is a very talented photographer, so we hired him for part of the evening to be our personal paparazzi.  (Also, most of the photos in my blog are from him:))  He took some great candid shots during the lingerie party and of all the girls getting ready, and then went to Love Park in Philly to take group shots.  It made us all feel like supermodels to walk down the street with cameras flashing, and I created a photo keepsake book for Jill to always remember her big night out!

IMG_0491_resize_edit IMG_0526_resize_edit IMG_0542_resize_edit

The last one is especially great because there are at least two sleeping bums in the lower right corner.

Bachelorette Beauties Frame:  Since we did a photo shoot, Jill needed a frame to put her favorite picture in.  We made everyone bring their brightest lipstick and give their best lip print.  Our one regret is that Steve did not kiss it 😦

IMG_0296_resize_edit IMG_0298_resize_edit

Coozies:  we wanted to give everyone something to remember the party by, so the MOH ordered these custom cookies for each girl!

IMG_0337_resize_editCheers to a happy marriage and wonderful friends !

IMG_0429_resize_edit IMG_0485_resize_edit IMG_0546_resize_edit

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