omg halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, even though I suffered severe legal consequences after dressing as a party animal one year.  Each February I start planning my costume for the year, and each October it pays off immensely.  

It all started when I decided I needed to be Kesha.  I ordered a terrible blond wig, covered myself in glitter, and my love for DIY costumes was born.Next was the year of the unicorn.  I thought the tutu, a horn and more glitter made it obvious what I was, but I spent the night explaining I was not a birthday cake, nor was I a gay unicorn, whatever the f that is.    The following year I created what might be the best costume of all time, the Tiffany’s bag.  By the end of the night I had extreme muscle soreness in my shoulders from carrying the huge box, but had also been complimented incessantly while I paraded down the street.   Last year Craig and I decided to do a couples costume, but didn’t want to be annoying, so we chose a random celeb couple– Pat Sajak and Vanna White.    It was so successful that Pat Sajak even took the time to tweet me back after a morning of drinking (I’m assuming).    

So how could I possibly outdo the last four years of having amazing costumes?


Note:  only several flamingos were harmed in the making of this costume.  I took a pink sequin dress I already owned, glued 4 boas around the bottom to make a skirt, and added pink leggings and black heels.  I really wanted to experiment with makeup this year, so instead of a mask I used pink face paint, stick on jewels and eyeliner to create a beak.  I also used all the dropped feathers to make a hair clip.Originally craig wanted to be jack Hanna, but I was like why do you always have to be someone who requires a name tag?  So I made him a lawn gnome costume: felt for the hat, fake snow for the beard, and cardboard and aluminum foil for the belt buckle.   

 Happy Halloweekend from your friendly neighborhood lawn ornaments!
Oh, and of course Reggie and Max had to get in on the action.  Presenting…the cutest original beanie babies ever!!  I just painted two hearts cut out of cardboard, made the letters and tied it to their collars.  And gave them a treat to pose.   Can’t wait to start planning for next year!

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