the pumpkin princess

For the past two years, I have been holding a pumpkin carving party prior to Halloween.  It’s a great event for everyone to get together, eat, drink and show off their creative sides, AND you get to leave with your very own pumpkin.  Here’s how I threw it together…


Chili bar with toppings:  I recently went vegetarian, but am known for having delicious chili at my fall parties.  I decided to trick everyone by using extra beans and Boca ground crumbles, and just not saying anything until people started saying it was really good.  I put out cheese, sour cream, jalepenos and tortilla strips for toppers, and one of my guests brought an amazing pumpkin cornbread.  As my friend Steve said upon arrival, “I NEED a beer and a bowl of chili.”  After I pointed out the cornbread, he said, “Okay, I need another bowl of chili.”


Craig’s mom gave me this really cute three-burner mini-crock pot device, and it was perfect for putting out some hot snacks.  I filled one side with spicy BBQ mini meatballs, and the other with a sweeter version.  (Yes, I used turkey meatballs– sorry turkeys, but I didn’t eat any, so we’re still cool, right?)  In the middle I put homemade macaroni and cheese.  I made a big pan the night before and kept in the oven during the party so that I could easily refill the crocks.

I also made a spinach dip with pretzels and candy corn themed veggie trays.


Pumpkin fluff dip: 1 can pumpkin, 1 tub whipped cream, 1 package vanilla pudding mix, served with apples, vanilla wafers and graham crackers

Pumpkin and cider donuts

Apples slices with caramel



Hard cider: 1 gallon apple cider with a fifth of Smirnoff green apple vodka

Regular cider

Pumpkin beer

Water, of course

Pumpkin carving:
I’ve been collecting scoops and carvers over the past few years of having this party, so I put out everything I had, tape and big knives.  Max helped, as usual.  To avoid a huge mess, I covered my tables with cheap tablecloths and kept several small grocery bags around to put the guts in.  Usually I have a supply of templates and stencils because everyone depends on me to be creative.  No, I’m not being egotistical, my friend Jared literally said, “Uh I just thought you’d get one for me.”

Joe even brought a drill, showing how seriously people take this event.

Aimee, Kate and Brittany got pretty maniacal when it came to using the drill.  Maybe next year I’ll invest in a first aid kit.


Candy bar

Candles/silica gel packets: This year I discovered a cheap bulk supply of electric tea lights, but normally I send everyone home with a little candle, and some silica gel packets (that I stole out of shoe boxes over the past year) to help prevent future rotting.

Finished pumpkins:

Rock Star Guitar

Spidey Sense

My owl ❤


Cuter owl and disco ball

Pumpkin Party !!!!

Let there be light!

And of course…the pregnant Kim K pumpkin.

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