drinks on me

I recently went to a Barn Market sale where vendors were selling “repurposed furniture,” aka tables and dressers made to look antique.  As I walked around, I noticed the price tags on the larger pieces were hundreds of dollars, and many of them were already sold.  I started to realize that every vendor’s tent looked like my basement (and garage and shed).  My mother the … Continue reading drinks on me

i went from phoenix arizona all the way to sedona 

Well, technically I went the other way, but that wouldn’t fit a song lyric, now would it? Craig made me wake up at 4:30 to watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon.  The sun didn’t rise until 6:15.  Oh, and did I mention it was 18 degrees?  A girl nearby whined the whole time to her parents (and I think I got a glimpse … Continue reading i went from phoenix arizona all the way to sedona