i went from phoenix arizona all the way to sedona 

Well, technically I went the other way, but that wouldn’t fit a song lyric, now would it?

Craig made me wake up at 4:30 to watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon.  The sun didn’t rise until 6:15.  Oh, and did I mention it was 18 degrees?  A girl nearby whined the whole time to her parents (and I think I got a glimpse of my future if  we have children…) and was like “Ughhhhh the sun is going to up at 10:00 toooooo whyyyyyy do we have to be here nowwwwww?”  I have to admit, as I lost feeling in my toes, I realized that she did have a point.   I guess it’s like a once in a lifetime experience or something…

We headed towards Sedona, but made a pit stop in Williams, AZ, which I’m pretty positive Radiator Springs from Cars is based on.  It’s the last town that was bypassed by I-40, which swallowed Route 66.  The town was so cute, and we had a delish breakfast at Cruisers 66, where Craig ordered a pulled pork breakfast sandwich that looked like a heart attack waiting to happen.

      I haaaaaate that everything nostalgic is replaced by bigger, faster versions.  I feel like when I get back to school, I’m going to lecture my students about how terrible their generation is.  Oh wait, I do that anyway.

We drove through the scenic Oak Creek Canyon, which was voted one of the top 8 scenic drive in America by Rand McNally, for good reason.  We stopped at Slide Rock Park, which is a great resting point and natural water slide if it’s not 58 degrees. There were a few kids braving the icy waters, and one kid being forced by his mom to get a picture, even though he clearly did not want to go.  Eventually she pushed him in and the dad took a picture.  Again, potentially seeing my future.  Craig and I figured out how to use the timer on our camera phones, so we didn’t have to ask anyone to take our picture, or buy a damn selfie stick.  We arrived in Sedona and went to Red Rock State Park to walk around.  They have a lot of interconnecting trails, and the Eagle’s Nest trail takes you to an amazing vantage point to see the surrounding buttes (lol butts).


We went back to the town center, which is SuPeR cHiLL and considered a healing center.  We picked up handmade artsy gifts for our friends and family, and checked out the atmosphere.  It’s so pretty and unique, with the red rock cliffs in the background .      We grabbed pizza at The Sedona Pizza Company, and the manager told us our server was new so to be nice to him.  Our pizza took a long time, and he told us it fell on the floor, but then he gave us a pizza…and another free one.  So I’m not sure if he served us a dropped pizza, or if he forgot our order and made something up (which is what I did when I was a waitress).  Either way, it was good.  I complimented him for being such a good server and so new, and he was like, “Oh, yea I’ve been serving for two years.”  Uhmmmm wtf?  Not so good!

We headed to our Air BnB where Deborah had the cabin lit up and snacks for us.  Air BnB is like staying at a relative’s, except they don’t expect you to spend time with them.  It’s SO GREAT, but she told us Arizona is trying to pass a bill to stop it from happening.  Uh, maybe hotels should step their game up…jealous much?   She recommended we check out the old mining town Jerome on our way to Phoneix.  It’s dubbed America’s oldest ghost town and it’s SO COOL.  

 We ate lunch at The Haunted Hamburger, and the hostess complimented my choker.  We got into a conversation about how teenagers think they’re so 90s when they were really born in 2001.  Posers.  It’s a great lunch spot with a nice view of the landscape.

 After we left, I started to wonder if anyone there was really real.  Like what if they were all ghosts, and we just thought they were alive?  Like what if someone reads this post and is like “The Haunted Hamburger?? That place has been abandoned for years!” What if…
We took the scenic route to Prescott instead of the highway, and passed through some more old mining towns.

We kept seeing huge cacti, and wanted to take a picture like the typical tourists we are.  However, they were all on the other side of the road, or behind barbed wire fences.  We finally found some, those things are huge!    We made it to Phoenix, but after being so immersed in nature the city was kind of like ehh.  We drove a little outside the city to Papago State Park, and tried to go to the Desert Botanical Gardens.  They were closed for a special event.  Bad travel karma has come back.  The park was a nice place to spend time, with flat trails and cool features, like the Hole in the Rock and the Governor’s Tomb. 

    We also were able to find some geocaches, bringing up our state totals.  I’m kind of obsessed with geocaching– we found one in Zion whose goal was to make it to Philly for the Democratic National Convention, so it’s been traveling with us and I’m going to make some nerd’s dream come true.  You’re welcome.

Our flight is at 1:20 in the morning, so I’m blogging from the Friendliest and Tastiest Airport in the US.  My only complaint is none of the stores are open and I can’t get a pillow, magazine or candy and I’m feeling really bratty about it.  Other than that, this trip was pretty awesome and I can’t wait to get home and hang all my magnets on my fridge!!  Oh, and see my dogs and friends and stuff.  That too.


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