pretty in portugal

If you’re searching for a vacation that’s affordable, alluring and adventurous, look no further than the enchanting country of Portugal.  Influenced by the explorers who brought such a unique mix of culture to the country, we spent five days trekking between Lisbon and Porto, sampling the divine cuisine and wine, taking in the breath-taking views, and soaking up every bit of history Portugal has to … Continue reading pretty in portugal

next stop, new mexico

My school offered me the opportunity to teach in the International Baccalaureate Programme this upcoming year (think gifted kids who are beyond gifted), and let me choose from several different locations for training. Amidst amazing places like St. Petersburg and Lake Tahoe, I noticed a new town in a new state I had never visited: Albuquerque, New Mexico. I decided that while I was learning … Continue reading next stop, new mexico

doggie destinations: virginia is for (dog) lovers

When I realized that my babies aka dogs were not going to be in my wedding, let alone at a kennel (albeit a really nice doggie spa called Wagsworth Manor…), I immediately thought, “I need to plan a vacation for them.”  They’ve been to North Carolina, our Delaware beaches, Cape May, New Jersey, and lots of places in New England, so obviously their tastes are … Continue reading doggie destinations: virginia is for (dog) lovers

top ten tuesday: chicago chic

Chicago is the third biggest city in the United States, and full of sights to behold. Between the cultural contributions, beautiful architecture, easy to navigate public transportation and old city feel combined with modern amenities, it’s one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited. We flew out for a quick weekend getaway, and left planning our next trip to do everything we missed! Tips for … Continue reading top ten tuesday: chicago chic

the oregon trail 

Day 1: Admit it, we all loved that day in computer class when you were finally allowed to play Oregon Trail, even though your oxen drowned in the river, Indians raided your food supply and your family died of horrible diseases and you had to leave them behind.  Our trek through the Columbia River Gorge began after a scenic drive down from Seattle.  My friend Jordan … Continue reading the oregon trail 

treehouse on point

If you’ve ever seen Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, you know Pete Nelson is a bonified genius.  The man connects with the trees (seriously, angelic music plays when he walks in the forest) and builds amazing fortresses that defy gravity and suburbia.  In planning our great adventure, his unique treehouse hotel, Treehouse Point, was definitely on our list. Treehouse Point is only about 30 minutes outside … Continue reading treehouse on point