treehouse on point

If you’ve ever seen Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, you know Pete Nelson is a bonified genius.  The man connects with the trees (seriously, angelic music plays when he walks in the forest) and builds amazing fortresses that defy gravity and suburbia.  In planning our great adventure, his unique treehouse hotel, Treehouse Point, was definitely on our list.

Treehouse Point is only about 30 minutes outside of Seattle in the Snoqualmie Valley.  Everyone we told about it had no idea what we were talking about, even the people living in Seattle!  I mean, it’s a hotel of treehouses!  The whole way there Craig kept saying,  “I just have this feeling that we’re going to meet Pete Nelson…like he’s going to be there and check on us and stuff. ”  Yeah, right Craig.

Before we checked in, we had lunch at a local restaurant and checked out Snoqualmie Falls.   It’s amazing, falling off a 270 drop volcanic rock formation.  And this is it at low tide. We hiked to the bottom, which was fun going down and murder going up.  So worth it though.  We checked in at Treehouse Point, and it was everything I imagined, and more…like way, way more.    We stayed in Upper Pond, which is known as the Party Treehouse.  However you can’t party too hard because you have to maneuver up and down a narrow ladder.

Pete and his crew literally thought of everything, from the railings made of limbs to the way the treehouse sways with the tree.  The inside was even more amazing.

Now this is what I call glamping…  We were just about to go exploring when a Nelson Treehouse and Supply truck pulled into the parking lot.  And…

We met Pete Nelson!  Below is a picture of me photobombing him and Craig discussing lumber.  (Note: Yes I’m wearing a Chanel chronic shirt; no I don’t want to talk about it). He was super nice, and we met the whole family, except Henry, Charlie, Chica, and Bun.  Maybe next time.  I spied on him having an important treehouse meeting.  We explored the trails around the property and got to see the other treehouses from the outside.  It’s really like another world there, and so peaceful and serene.   They also provide you with any amenity you would need, so we got some take out and a bottle of Snoqualmie Chardonnay to have a picnic dinner. After dinner, we built a fire, made smores and told ghost stories.  Treehouse Point even provides marshmallow supplies!   We fell asleep to the sounds of a mini waterfall in the most comfortable bed ever, and woke up to another beautiful day with tea on the porch.  There was a to-die-for homemade breakfast in the lodge, which is also gorgeous and totally out of this world amazing.

We got to know some of the other tree heads, including a couple from rural Washington involved in the medicinal marijuana industry (no pun intended), and a Kim K lookalike from SoCal who I promptly made my new best friend.  We toured each other’s treehouses, and each one is so unique with beautiful decor and views of the river and sunlit trees.

It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and completely blew my mind.  The staff was so friendly and accommodating (especially Damon!) and we almost cried when we left.  We 💕 you Treehouse Point!  Thanks for a wonderful stay!

2 thoughts on “treehouse on point

  1. The Nelsons live in our ‘hood so we often have sightings of the family & Chica too. Even though we live in Fall City and drive by TreeHouse Point almost daily, we look forward to staying there one of these times. Loved your story!


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