friends giving at friendsgiving

I love fall and all of the opportunities it provides to have theme parties.  Usually I throw an annual pumpkin carving party, but this year my kitchen renovation stood in the way of planning that event, so I opted to have a Sunday Friendsgiving/Football potluck instead.  It was a ton of fun, and a nice chance to get together before everyone had family obligations. Prior … Continue reading friends giving at friendsgiving

doin’ the charleston 

Charleston, South Carolina holds the prestige as the oldest and second largest city in South Carolina, and has been voted the best small city five years in a row.  With its gorgeous historic district, waterfront location and fabulous food, drink, shopping and entertainment, it’s not hard to tell why!  They’re also super modest about themselves…Our adventure in Chucktown (btw, I hate that nickname and will … Continue reading doin’ the charleston 

we all scream for halloween 

I love love love Halloween.  It’s the perfect opportunity to make your boyfriend and dogs wear costumes of your choosing so that they coordinate with your own.  I usually start planning my outfit November 1st, and try to top my diy one from the previous year.   I’ve been my spirit animals (a flamingo and a unicorn), celebrities (Ke$ha and Vanna White), and my all time … Continue reading we all scream for halloween 

doggie destinations: delaware beaches

Whenever I travel, I feel like a salesperson for the state of Delaware.  Small but mighty, one of our most beautiful bragging rights lies in the jewel of the state, the Delaware beaches.  Between Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, the towns of Rehoboth and Dewey, the quieter Delaware Seashore State Park, and Fenwick Island, there are plenty of places to enjoy the sun, surf … Continue reading doggie destinations: delaware beaches

tennessee travels: north meets south

Not to brag or anything, but my friends are pretty hilarious.  We’ve known each other since high school and had some pretty wild rides.  We enjoy adventure and new experiences, and generally have a jaded, sarcastic take on people, places and things.  When the opportunity arose for us to stay at a free room in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in exchange for a two hour timeshare tour … Continue reading tennessee travels: north meets south

top ten tuesday: eco mania

It has come to my attention that there is way too much trash in the world, and those horror stories of the Earth exploding in a fiery pit of doom might actually come true.  People say if you worry about the environment, you’re a hippie/tree hugger/idealist/bleeding heart.  Uhhh yea, so what? The truth is, we are messing this planet up, and it will affect us … Continue reading top ten tuesday: eco mania

doggie destinations: new england

When it comes to my style of pet parenting, I’m known as “The Spoiler.”  My dogs know exactly how to manipulate me into getting exactly what they want– an extra walk, treats before bedtime, filet mignon for dinner…ok, just kidding, that was only twice…a week. My boyfriend and I love to travel, and one of the hardest parts of jet setting around the country is … Continue reading doggie destinations: new england